I am currently booked out for commission work for about 2017, thanks! 

Let me paint your stuff! I am Ben Snyder, an award winning painter from Santa Cruz, California. I take great pride in my ability to paint figures for your display cabinet, game table or both. I am a lifelong gamer and am passionate about our mini's!

Miniatures are a truly magical part of our hobby. Each one tells an exciting story that drives your game and imagination. Whether you are fielding a massive army or just one figure for your RPG, a great quality paint job will set your miniatures apart and bring a more immersive experience to your game, it might even give you a competitive edge.  

I am happy to work with you on small or large jobs. I am well versed in every different painting technique including NMM, OSL, and freehand. Conversions, basing, movement trays, dioramas, army display boards, water effects and whatever else you want are all available for your project.

What do really want your mini's to look like?

If you are interested in getting some mini's painted, send me an e-mail at:

If you include the manufacturer and names of the figures you want painted with your e-mail it is easy for me to respond with a baseline quote. From there we can talk about how to tweak your job for your particular needs.

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