Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Silver Tower

Oh my gosh, what a great box. You could really tell that a lot of the sculpts had the painter in mind. Like the Gaunt Wizard:

There are some great details, but not a ton of random crap. So much room for freehand and all kinds of good stuff. Some of the models were more finicky then others: 

This was my first GW dwarf ever, and I guess they really like their equipment. There was a lot of detail to paint, but it was all clear enough to see. Getting my brush on it after assembly on the other hand...

And this guy:

Seen in the picture above doing the the Sasquatch, this figure is like an airbrush seminar on a 50mm base. A very easy model to make look nice.

So, do you need some mini's? Of course you do! Go get the Silver Tower box!

Here are the rest of the pics:

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