Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Starter Pack in Black: Alternative Color Scheme Pan Oceania

Hi all, Happy New Year!

Just finished these Infinity Pan-O for the guy that runs my Local Game Store. They came out great, I think, and were really easy to put together. This was a quick project so I didn't do a ton of blending, instead I just did a lot of edge highlighting with strong whites and grays to give them a shinny NMM black or chrome look.

They came with Secret Weapon bases which also saved some time and really adds a polished look to the base that really helps sell the paint job.

What a sweet sculpt! Not sure she is going to be the best soldier, but she sure has a ton of attitude!

You can see how the lack of blending works to make this guy look shiny. Check out his chest especially.

This guy was probably the toughest to paint. Sometimes I can't tell what is supposed to be armor or fabric on the Infinity guys and I get confused painting. I tried to set off his orange helmet with a little blue in his collar.

These guys are angry because their other squadie is always just cleaning her finger nails. 

I was a little worried about assembling this guy's back pack, but with little bit of drilling it all went together to be quite sturdy.

What do you guys think? Is black the new blue? 


  1. Love the slick style. Pan - oh my goodness those are sexy!

  2. Oh Zab, you know how to sweep a 40 year old, bald, mouth breathing, children's games obsessed blogger right off his feet :D

    Check out the shadow placement on the orange helmets. The trick is to highlight like normal, then paint half the highlight black. It's a leap of faith, but you get strong contrast.

    1. I didn't even see that i just thought is was like an stylish nmm. That is pretty cool and very banshee of you:)

  3. Sounds so simple, but looks so striking. This might be a good scheme for some of my WWX armies.

  4. Thanks KB, This is a pretty simple paint job. I started with edge lighting the armor, then let that develop into those big heavy highlights.


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