Friday, January 29, 2016

Knitting the Soul Weaver: Warmachine's Deneghra 5/5: Finished Gallery

Whoa, this month has flown by! I am happy to say that Denny made it safely to her new home in the frozen wastes of Norway where she will frolic with vikings (reindeer?) and death jacks. Thanks Ole!

Here are some completed photos:

Monday, January 11, 2016

Knitting the Soul Weaver: Warmachine's Deneghra 4/5: The Smell of Burning Plastic

Deneghra is all done and will hopefully arrive in Norway pretty soon. In the end the wings were the most challenging to paint. I wanted them to look like necrotic zombie flesh stretched over a bone and metal framework and I think it came off pretty good, but man it was a lot of surface area. I added a little bit of Tamiya Clear Red paint to make it look like the wings were bleeding a little where they would have been stressed.

I also painted in some battle damage style scratch marks and if you look close you can see some veins. I would have liked those to be a little more pronounced, but I went a little heavy on the purple layers that are over the veins.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Starter Pack in Black: Alternative Color Scheme Pan Oceania

Hi all, Happy New Year!

Just finished these Infinity Pan-O for the guy that runs my Local Game Store. They came out great, I think, and were really easy to put together. This was a quick project so I didn't do a ton of blending, instead I just did a lot of edge highlighting with strong whites and grays to give them a shinny NMM black or chrome look.

They came with Secret Weapon bases which also saved some time and really adds a polished look to the base that really helps sell the paint job.