Saturday, October 31, 2015

Skitarii Skirmish 4/5

I am putting the final touches on my Skitarii. Things are shaping up very nicely on my little 40K Jawas One of the last things they need is a bit of simple freehand on their robes so it seemed like a good thing to do a little write-up about.

See how nicely the "27," decal blends with the freehand stripe? Maybe its because my freehand is PERFECT, yeah right!

Freehand can be really intimidating, but it is one of those things that can really take a model to the next level.
I didn't want to go too crazy so I also used some decals that came with the box. Painting those gears with skulls by hand would have taken a really long time. Especially to get them just right.

The decal sheet has one tiny toothed stripe on it but it actually looks like it would be hard to use and it's not even enough for one mini. In my mind the stripe represents experience level of each trooper, more stripes means more service in the unit. So I wanted to have a few guys with stripes. My Alphagot a full set along with the guys equipped with the Transuranic Arquebus and the Omnispex, respectively. I also did one plain trooper with full stripes. A couple other guys got a striped hood or coat or sleeve.

The stripes are actually really easy to do as far as freehand goes. Here is how I did mine and I can't imagine a simpler way to do it. The first thing I did was paint a stripe:

Not a very good stripe there is it? Don't worry, we're going to fix it up. One trick to making good stripes is to pull the paint brush towards you as you paint. This helps to make the line straight. Imagine the paint is a trailer and your brush is the tow truck.

I painted a solid stripe everywhere I wanted my toothed striped to be. I had to paint a few layers, trying to be neat as I went along. I just painted pure white at this stage not dipping into my red to clean up the line yet. I use pure white to match my decal. Once the freehand is finished I will glaze over it and the decal to make it all tie in together.

Santa, is that you? You can see my stripe is much more solid now, but it's still got some issues. It's okay, we'll clean it up with our red paint in just minute.

See how the white stripe matches the white decal? That is going to make shading them with a few glazes much easier. It will also help the decal look more like freehand when it's all done.

After I got a nice solid white line everywhere it was time to rinse out the brush and dip into my red paint. I made sure that I had all the different shades of red that I used painting his jacket laid out on my wet pallet before I started. The red on my jackets goes from a dark brown, through primary red, all the way up to a slightly de-saturated orange highlight. 

Well armed with my red paint, I broke up my line, like so:

That one dot is too small! Maybe it's just the picture. You need to map out where the red goes or you will end up with uneven dots. You can use a tiny bit of red paint to do this and then increase the amount. You can also arrange the red to cover up any really bad spots of white if you like.

Simply cut along the dotted line and your Skitarii Rangers will be ready for the new spring look! While you are painting the red it's a good time to clean up the white line. Also remember to vary your reds to match the shading on the cloak.

Now that I have red on my paint brush it is also time to clean up the white lines. You might have to go back and forth with this a few times just keep trying to get closer to what you want with each pass.  Try to paint so that you can see the leading edge of your brush where it meets the surface. You can get your brush lined up on the red paint before you pass over the white to make a nice clean line. I like to keep a wet brush on hand to quickly wipe up an mistakes.

Now it's time for the thin part of the white lines. The trick with these is to get you r brush lined up in the existing white stripe and carefully pull it on down to the next white segment. Go slow, take breaks, White likes to dry on your brush so keep dipping it into your paint and don't use a micro brush because that will make the white dry out even faster. 

  Divide and conquer! If you make a mistake you can always go over it with red and try again. This picture is a little dim because the power went out, but I kept on painting!

Hey, that looks pretty good! Make sure the teeth all face the same way on the stripes. I had to redo part of this guys arm.

The last step is to go over everything with a light glaze. I used a drop of Golden's high flow acrylic Burnt Sienna in about 4 drops of their matte medium, but you could use any other ink or even paint. You can also thin with water. The trick at this stage is to make sure your glaze is very transparent before you apply it over your freehand and any decals you are doing. You want to tie your freehand into it's background with out covering up any of your hard work!  

You can click on the picture to see a larger version. If you look closely you can see the glaze over the white. I used a reddish brown glaze to tie into the cloak, but black, beige, or grey would work fine too. You could even use a color to tint your freehand and the decal.

There you have it! Now you just need to do that 10 more times and you'll be ready for the OSL :)



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