Saturday, October 24, 2015

Skitarii Skirmish 3/5

The Skitarii are coming along quite nicely so far. the underpainting worked out really well, I think.

 The arm got a pretty big does of highlight so the underpainting is more obscured but you can see it pretty good on the rifle

If I were going to paint these guys again I would probably have painted their cloaks first then glued on the backpacks. Painting around the cables that hang down was time consuming.  Painting the inside of the cloaks was challenging too. This would have been a snap if the models weren't glued to the bases already, but that would have presented other problems.

Next up: Details! 

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  1. i am amazed by how much effort is put into every piece. you are such a hard working being which is so inspiring and motivational, makes me want to work with heart too


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