Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Unboxing the Darksword Kickstarter!

Got a great late Holiday gift in the mail today: The Dark Sword Stephanie Law Masterworks Kickstarter! I wasn't expecting these until the end of February!

I have been really trying to cut down on the amount of mini's I buy lately. The late night e-bay sessions were really beginning to add up, but when I saw this Kickstarter I had to jump in. I did the basic pledge level which was just under $100 with shipping. 

I ended up with, I think, 18 really top notch miniatures, two big handfuls of forest critters. and another handful of Ki-rin Unicorn things.

Sylvan diorama anyone?

Need to start investing in fancy china tea cups for basing now.

That is a lot flowing fabric for one blister pack!

 Wings? Horns? Why not!

Those are some big feather fan thing she has there huh?

Critters! Denizens of the Fae Forest.

This is going to be an exciting and different path to take my paint brushes down.

The cast quality on these is really outstanding. I have heard from folks that Dark Sword Miniatures are top notch but never really fell in love with any of their sculpts until now. 

I feel pretty confident painting faces and eyes, which these minis have in abundance, but I need to get a solid recipe for painting flowing diaphanous robes together before I tackle these ladies.

I have to give the folks at Dark Sword a 10/10

Value: 10

Quality: 10

Shipping time 10++++

I can wholeheartedly recommend this line.

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