Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NMM isn't that hard

I love the NMM. Mostly because it really teaches you to figure out where your light is coming from, which is important and it keeps the glitter off of my brushes, which is not very it's the exact sameconceptrtant.

Here is a WIP shot of a nearly complete NMM back pack on this Infinity Pan Oceania Trauma Doc. I have some pretty good blends on there, but it is so small that my blends don't have to be great. The important thing is that the backpack is basically a a pile of cylinders, and I have painted them to look like cylinders. Your eye fills in the gaps for me.

Below is a nice drawing of a cylinder. It also has some blending but not a ton. What it does have is basically, a dark body with a white stripe. Everyone can paint a white stripe, right?

Belowis a picture of another Infinity Fusilier with the old school Combi rifle. I am so glad they changed these ugly rifles for the new models. The rifle does have some good cylinders though, right? The big clunky barrel forms a cylinder that goes all the way back to the shoulder stock. There are a couple more too, the little scope thing, and the under barrel jobber. The rifle is painted a very dark color. Pure black is fine for our exercise.

The strong light for the photo is already giving us a pretty good idea of where to put our stripe.

Now let's paint that gun NMM. First, we are going to paint a dark grey stripe. I used Reaper Master Series, Cloudy Grey. No blending, just a good even stripe of Cloudy Grey. Looks pretty good just like that right? I thin my paint, and use a couple of layers to get a smooth coat.

Now let's add another stripe of near white. I am using Reaper Master Series, Leather White. I tried to get my light stripe right down the middle of my dark grey stripe.The light stripe needs o be narrower than the dark grey stripe below it.

That's pretty much it. For the sake of thoroughness you can take some Pure White and just dot a little line bisecting the light grey stripe. It doesn't really show in this photo but in hand and with better photos those little pure white lines and dots really sparkle.

Here is a close up shot so you can see my lack of blends. Don't get me wrong, blends will make this look better.  A nice, tight, smooth, sexy transition from black to white will really pop. You can add as many different layers to get there as you want now that you have the basic idea.

And that is exactly how I painted the Trauma Doc's pack. I used a lot more layers and I blended them into each other going back and forth with thin layers to get it just right, but its the exact same concept.

I hope that helped. I will follow up with another post with some more work done on the back pack and explain how to do some more of the gun pretty soon.



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